We are a tech startup.
We are data management pros.
We make data collection, aggregation, dissemination and analysis as easy as pie.

What We Do

Our specialties are data collection & analytical and scientific databases

We use digital data collection and aggregation tools to exponentially reduce the time it takes to disseminate data collection forms, collect your data, pre-process it for consistency and accuracy for modeling and analysis using cutting edge technologies.


By automating most data management tasks using customized scripts, your data handling experience is made efficient. We top this up by designing database schemas using mathematical models to ensure all non-redundant data is stored in an easy-to-retrieve and analyze manner.


Using software analysis tools like R and Python’s libraries like Pandas for data manipulation and analysis, Scikit-learn for classification, regression and clustering, and Matplotlib for plots, we extract invaluable insights from your data.

Check out our previous experiences below


Statistical Dashboard
We built digital data collection forms and wrote part of the code that implemented this page, highlighting the statistical progress of a project.


Data Collection and Analysis
Built digital data collection forms for assessing the capacity gap of a research institute. These forms were used by respondents across Africa.

Systematic Reviews

Electronic Brainstorming Apps
Built digital data collection and aggregation tools that collected data about brainstorming applications. We used this data to analyze the state of the art and model use cases.

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  • Designing data collection template

  • Converting your template to a digital form

  • Data collection

  • Data Preprocessing

  • Visualization and Analysis

  • Modelling

  • Deployment